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Equine Services

Below you will find a brief menu of the many services Coosa Valley Equine Center is proud to offer:

 General Anesthesia:

  • Inhalation/gas anesthesia via respirator
  • Veterinarian administering/monitoring
  • Oximetry
  • EKG
  • Respirator
  • Nihoen Kohden Monitor System
  • Direct Blood Pressure
  • Assisted recovery, after surgery, in padded recovery/induction room

Orthopedic Surgery – for example:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Interspinous ligament desmotomy for “kissing spines” – a frequently underlying cause of back pain
  • Transphyseal Bridging for crooked foal knees
  • Sequestrum removal
  • Tendon contracture
  • Tendoscopy
  • Fracture repairs (plates & screws)
  • Tendon repair
  • Arthrodesis (joint fusion)
  • Numerous other procedures for lameness & injury

A large menu of soft tissue procedures, too many to list but including:

  • Umbilical Hernia
  • Cryptorchidectomy
  • Dental
  • Scar Revision
  • Wound reconstruction/management
  • Prosthetic Larynogoplasty (Tie-Back)

Abdominal Surgery:

  • Exploratory Laparotomy (colics)
  • Laparoscopy


Laser procedure:

  • Transendoscopic respiratory procedure
  • Tumor ablation
  • Numerous soft tissue applications

Advanced Dental Services:

  • Extraction
  • Repulsions
  • Abscess Correction
  • These services are generally provided by Dr. Allen Etheridge, who uses our facility as his home away from his Mississippi home for cases in our general area.  Appointments with Dr. Etheridge can be made with him directly by calling 662-769-4500

5 Hospital barns; one climate controlled, one houses reproductive cases with large open stalls for mares and foals.

  • Two separate isolation barns
  • Hospital stalls are monitored by video for better evaluation. “Night Watch” telemetry can send pulse, respiration, EKG, and general status to our on-call veterinarian by a glance at his cell phone.


ICU stall located inside main clinic

35 – Hospital stalls

Our experienced doctors and staff look forward to serving you!

Outpatient Services include:

  • Lameness Diagnosis
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Pre-purchase Examinations
  • Internal Medicine Diagnostics
  • Articular Therapy
  • Regenerative Therapy
  • IRAP/Pro Stride/ PRP/ BMAC
  • Ultrasound
  • Upper airway endoscopy – Resting, Pre & Post exercise and Dynamic (under saddle or on longe line)
  • Gastroendoscopy
  • Digital radiography
  • Lameness Locator
  • Covered lameness evaluation area with podiatry center
  • Extra corporal Shockwave Therapy used in conjunction with regenerative modalities can return horses to performance sooner than ever before.
  • Weekly Farriers; Travis Reed of Sport Horse Farriers and Leila Rice of Equine Services
    • Therapeutic Shoeing that may require radiographs and/or overnight stay
    • Dustin Siegler is our most frequent visiting farrier having started his equine career as a high school student working here at Coosa Valley Equine Center
  • Routine health maintenance; preventive medicine, dental, dietary, parasite control

Imaging Services:

  • Radiology
    • We have numerous x ray units from portable to a large overhead system for procedures that require large amounts of radiologic “power”
    • We have multiple imaging/processing units that are powered by Bluetooth and do not require wired transmission – truly state of the art
    • Our diagnostic systems are of the highest detail and power levels for the best images available.
  • Ultrasound
    • Orthopedic
    • Thoracic
    • Abdominal
    • Reproduction
    • We have multiple units with numerous probes with specific indications for examination
  • MRI
    • MRI is the gold standard for imaging for horses as well as humans
    • We can do all lower limbs and joints – sport horse injuries are the greatest indicator for this technology
    • Certain areas are inaccessible due to size to anatomy that precludes positioning inside the MRI coil
  • Imaging Interpretation
    • Dr. Kurt Selberg and his Inside Information consult on our advanced imaging procedures
    • MRI's consist of 600-800 images, best interpreted by those who perform that service daily
  • Endoscopy – Flexible Fiberoptic
    • Upper respiratory tract
    • Dynamic endoscopy for upper respiratory tract while under saddle, longing or in hand. This evaluates not only the anatomy of the respiratory tract but its function when at work or exercise
    • Gastroendoscopy for esophageal, gastric, ulcer and functional issues

Reproductive Services

  • Artificial insemination (direct, chilled and frozen)
  • Semen evaluation
  • Embryo transfer, set-up, and execution
  • “Known Shipper” status by Airlines, allows access to major airlines counter to counter service for semen, embryos and harvested ovaries or testicles for victims of catastrophic events
  • Ultrasound – our units are the most recent and detailed focused equipment available with multiple probes for appropriate application
  • In-house lab provides evaluation of uterine cytology and culture samples
  • Evaluation for advanced reproductive techniques such as ICSI and embryo harvest and freezing

Laboratory services

  • In house laboratories; for immediate emergency evaluation
    • Complete Blood Counts
    • Blood Chemistry
    • Bacterial cultures and sensitivities
    • Numerous condition specific testing
  •  Overnight capabilities to outside laboratories
    • We have accumulated numerous laboratory contacts that provide the latest in technology for certain in depth procedures
    • We do not just select one lab and use as our “go to” lab – we use the most appropriate outside lab for specific conditions
  • We are a USDA certified EIA (Coggins) testing laboratory
    • Coggins are routinely performed every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m., any samples we have in hand by that time will be run that day. Under certain circumstances, we offer next day or same day test.
  • Our Global Vet Link agreement will get you a hard copy Coggins test, as well as a copy for your phone or tablet. Email will have you set up for interstate health certificates based on appropriate exam certification.

Emergency Services

  • 24 Hour Emergency Consultation is available from our on-call doctors and staff. This is available by first accessing our usual telephone numbers and proceeding as directed.


Ambulatory services/appointments available for local clients


If you happen not to find a particular service your horse might need, feel free to call and discuss it with one of our knowledgeable veterinarians.

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