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CVEC has been proud to provide essential health care services to the equine community since 1987 -- over 33 years. Our goal is to continue to provide those services as long as there are horses to be cared for!!! In the current almost unbelievable circumstances, we find it necessary to make some modifications in how we go about our daily work:
• Most importantly -- our hospital doors will be open to EVERY horse in need of urgent & emergency care as has been our policy since 1st opening those doors. 
• Horses in need of care for health, injury & comfort will be seen on an appointment basis as well. 
• We will be compacting our clinic hours to reduce exposure of our staff, their families as well as our clients to the unpredictable CoVid19 that has infiltrated our lives. 
Clinic hours will be 8AM until 2PM Monday through Friday. Full clinical support will be available during that time. This includes our Business Office as well. 
• "After Hours" situations will be handled as they have in the past. 

• We do ask that "routine care" (vaccinations, dental care, health exams, etc.) be postponed until this human health crisis has subsided.

We are in hopes this policy will help protect us all from excessive risk of exposure to the CoVid19 virus. We must all remember that a clinical case in our hospital staff could force a 2 week suspension of ALL services including emergencies. Please understand & respect our concerns for all who would be affected by such a situation. We are taking these steps to help maintain our ability to support you & your horses during these trying times.

Remember, if you have a situation that urgent or emergency care at ANY time, please contact us through the usual channels, starting with a phone call to 205 338-1111.

Cheers, IMEM
(It's Me, Ed Murray)
Ed Murray, DVM

Patient Referrals

Routine Appointments,
Referrals for regular appointments can be made by calling 205-338-1111 during regular business hours - Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A brief explanation of the case to our Front Desk staff will allow them to select the doctor whose specialty area is most appropriate. We do not accept online or email appointments.

Who can make referrals?

Referrals can be made by either the referring veterinarian OR the agent/trainer or client directly. If the referral is made by the client - we would prefer to contact the regular veterinarian prior to the horse's visit for a more in-depth case history and results of diagnostic tests and/or lab work

Emergency Referrals

There is always a veterinarian on call by dialing 205-753-0451 (after 5:00 p.m. daily, weekends and holidays) and your emergency call should be returned within 10 minutes. However, the emergency doctor is not always at the hospital or may not be immediately available (if in an emergency surgery or procedure). IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the on-call-doctor is contacted BEFORE SHIPPING THE HORSE. This is for two reasons.
1. An estimate of charges needs to be provided including the required deposit. Unprepared clients with uninformed expectations are often upset with their referring veterinarians as well as sometimes having made an unnecessary trip.
2. Rarely, we cannot accept new cases immediately and it maybe best that the emergency be either stabilized further at the farm prior to shipping or shipped to another referral facility

Telephone Numbers:



After Hours Emergency Number:
This number is only activated after business hours,  and for emergencies only.
Please use our main business lines during normal business hours for all other calls.
We also activate this number when we have land line communication failures.

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